It is possible that you are on this page because your smoke alarm has started beeping indicating a low battery!

This could either mean you have our original 5 Year model and it’s time to replace the battery. It is easy to identify a 5 year Cavius alarm – your battery will be visible and removable – as seen in the image on the right.5 year alarm - back 2

If your alarm looks like this then it is likely the 5 year battery has expired. Please call our Customer Service team on 07 573 8670 to purchase a replacement.

However if you have our 10 Year model it may be one from a small faulty battery batch which, over time, was recognised by CAVIUS through constant product testing. The battery itself will actually last 10 years but it is the message the battery is sending to the device which makes the device think it is going flat, however it is still fully operational. But we need to replace it for you.

At no time has there been any risk to anyone using this device as the battery will give a 30-day low battery warning before it is completely flat.

CAVIUS have identified this and have put these steps into place to rectify this problem with the four largest DIY stores in NZ.

Next steps:

  1. Enter the first 6 digit Batch Code, shown on the under side of your smoke alarm, into the box below.
  2. If your alarm is in the known batch then we will send you an email which you can print and take to any one of the 4 nationwide stores below for replacement.
  3. Once you receive the email please follow these steps:
    1. Print out the email.
    2. Take your smoke alarm ONLY (do not remove the mounting base from the ceiling) and printed email into any NZ branch of the following chains;
      • Bunnings-Logo-Web-with-space    Mitre10-Logo-Web-with-space    PM-RGB-Logo-Web-space   ITM_RGB
    3. Visit the ‘Customer Service’ desk and present them with the printed email and the smoke alarm(s) which is indicating a low battery. The staff member at the branch will replace your current alarm with a brand new alarm – no questions asked.

The CAVIUS team in NZ and worldwide apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused however we hope it just confirms the level of commitment and support that CAVIUS Denmark have for their product.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via email on support@cavius.co.nz or call 07 573 8670.