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Our safest system yet

More than 10 years in development, the Wireless family features the latest in CAVIUS CORE technology, bound by a sleek contemporary shell, made even simpler with our new recess kit.

Safer by 10 years in development

CAVIUS doesn’t just make smoke alarms. We’ve been constantly refining and testing the world’s most advanced alarms since 2004, relentlessly pursuing better, safer alarms. Created by Danish designers and British engineers, all CAVIUS alarms are meticulously assembled by hand.


CORE Technology

CAVIUS has spent 10 years refining the science within our smoke alarms. CORE Technology is the first in the world to stack the components, within a perfectly proportioned chamber, to create a significantly smaller smoke alarm with much more precise signal processing.

Optimal chamber size – for a more precise smoke density reading

To maintain a high quality performance, CAVIUS invests in the highest-quality manufacturing of our optical components, photodiode amplifiers and micro-controllers, so you get more accurate signal processing.

Built for peace of mind

We believe your home should be your sanctuary, a place where the worries of the world drift away. That’s why we use unparalleled technology to ensure the utmost safety of everyone inside it.

Over 2 million units worldwide

Protecting people across the globe in more than 30 countries

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CAVIUS is regularly recognised as an international industry leader


Even right in the centre of the room (which is exactly where a smoke alarm needs to be). In our pursuit of a smaller smoke alarm, we had to be a little better at everything. The result is not just a minimalist alarm, but a safer one.

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