Oct 10

Maintenance of your smoke alarm

Just like many of your other household appliances, your smoke alarms require a little care from time to time. The good news is it only takes a couple of minutes, unlike cleaning the oven! How to look after your smoke alarms Give them a vacuum (using the brush setting) or... read more →
Aug 28
Aug 07
Aug 01

The Future of Smoke Alarms – Radio Live

Shaun Howes, CAVIUS' Australasian Sales & Marketing Manager, recently featured on Radio Live to discuss the future of smoke alarms. Listen to the full interview with Tony and Hamish here and pick up a few tips along the way about the design, benefits of photoelectric over ionization, sound specifications, smoke... read more →
Jun 20
Jul 11
Jun 07
Apr 26

Fatal New Zealand House Fires all start the same way

Over 80% of every fatal New Zealand House Fires all start through smoke alarm negligence. Fatal NZ House Fires And Smoke Alarm Negligence Smoke alarm negligence occurs when a smoke alarm is either not working or not installed. This usually occurs because of a combination of factors that repeatedly occur across New Zealand ultimately leaving the... read more →
Mar 26

Fire Escape Plan – Make Your Own

Fire Escape Plans are critical to saving your family in the event of a fire taking hold in your home. House fires are frightening, and having to escape your house can be more terrifying than it needs to be, especially if your kids haven't practiced the plan in advance. We recommend teaching them... read more →
Feb 29

Why the need to have an alarm in the kitchen

With over 34% of residential fires starting in kitchens, it is so vital to have the area covered. That is why our brilliant design team in Denmark came up with the CAVIUS Thermal Heat Alarm. Make sure you are covered and don't become a news article.