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CAVIUS Wireless smoke alarms

‘Senseless’ Campaign by Fire & Emergency NZ

Fire & Emergency NZ released their latest campaign this month called ‘Senseless’. A series of pictures depict people asleep with their nose's removed. Although slightly disturbing, the reason for these images is to remind us that most people do not have a sense of smell when they’re asleep. Furthermore, the... read more →
Oct 10

Maintenance of your smoke alarm

Just like many of your other household appliances, your smoke alarms require a little care from time to time. The good news is it only takes a couple of minutes, unlike cleaning the oven! How to look after your smoke alarms Give them a vacuum (using the brush setting) or... read more →
Aug 28
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Aug 01

The Future of Smoke Alarms – Radio Live

Shaun Howes, CAVIUS' Australasian Sales & Marketing Manager, recently featured on Radio Live to discuss the future of smoke alarms. Listen to the full interview with Tony and Hamish here and pick up a few tips along the way about the design, benefits of photoelectric over ionization, sound specifications, smoke... read more →
Jun 20
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Apr 26

Fatal New Zealand House Fires all start the same way

Over 80% of every fatal New Zealand House Fires all start through smoke alarm negligence. Fatal NZ House Fires And Smoke Alarm Negligence Smoke alarm negligence occurs when a smoke alarm is either not working or not installed. This usually occurs because of a combination of factors that repeatedly occur across New Zealand ultimately leaving the... read more →