Aesthetics and Functionality: Why Nano Smoke Alarms Are Worth the Investment

Historically, smoke alarms have been a necessary concession when it comes to home décor. They have been large, obtrusive, and not particularly nice to look at. Previous technology also didn’t measure up, and advancements didn’t meet the desire for better, smaller smoke alarms.

At CAVIUS, we saw this lack of both aesthetics and functionality in the existing smoke alarm systems and thought, ‘We can do better’. So, we did.

Introducing the nano smoke alarm system. Barely visible, this piece of technology is a representation of what happens when you choose to challenge the status quo. By refining every possible detail in the design and manufacturing process, we created a little genius.

The nano smoke alarm is smaller and sleeker – but also far more effective – ideal for property owners who demand more from their smoke alarms. 

Read on to discover why nano smoke alarms are worth the investment.

Aesthetics Meet Safety

It took around a decade to develop our nano smoke alarm. Ten years of challenging every aspect of standard design, refining the components, and assembling it into the smallest possible shell possible. This process didn’t just create a better-looking alarm; it also led us to some amazing discoveries along the way.

By constantly refining and testing the components of a traditional smoke alarm, we were able to hone the system to be more effective, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. The resulting CORE Technology is the first system in the world to stack smoke alarm components rather than embedding them into each other, allowing for:

  •       Optimal chamber size for photoelectric fire detection, leading to fewer false alarms.
  •       100% reliability thanks to custom, high-quality components.
  •       Two levels of mesh screening to minimise particle contamination.

Space-Saving Design

Many people don’t know this, but smoke alarms are actually most effective in the middle of a ceiling. This way, alarms can catch rising smoke as soon as it hits the ceiling rather than waiting for it to disperse to the corners.

Unfortunately, the clunky design of older smoke alarms often meant that placing them in the middle of the ceiling would have been too visually disruptive, so they were relegated to the corners – reducing their detection capabilities.

A nano smoke alarm is small enough to sit in the middle of the ceiling without taking up any valuable space for light fixtures or other décor features, and its incredibly compact shell makes it easy to install in even the tightest spaces. In addition, our 19mm recess kit also allows you the option to set the nano smoke alarm into the ceiling, providing an even less obtrusive installation.

Advanced Technology

Alongside our advanced hardware, we also created a software system to back it up. The software in every CAVIUS nano smoke alarm features a fire detection algorithm. 

The system includes a calibration routine that is far more accurate than the variable resistor set by hand on most other long-term smoke alarms. This is a big part of what makes the nano smoke alarm a more reliable choice for property owners.

On top of that, all CAVIUS smoke alarms are carefully assembled by hand to meet the New Zealand Fire and Emergency Service and global regulatory requirements. These alarms are also designed to last ten years or more, reliably detecting smoke or fire throughout their lifetime.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Alongside their discreet size, nano smoke alarms are very easy to install and maintain. This was one of the most important aspects of development for the CAVIUS team, making it as simple as possible for property owners to stay on top of fire safety.

Standard installation requires a simple drill to place the mounting ring onto the ceiling. Once in place, simply click the smoke alarm firmly into the base, and you’ve installed your smoke alarm. Recessing your smoke alarm is slightly more complex, requiring a hole saw drill to gain access into your ceiling, but once that’s done, it’s just as simple as the original.

As for maintenance, managing your smoke alarm’s battery life has never been easier. Once every three months, simply vacuum or wipe down your nano smoke alarm with a damp cloth. Test once a month by pushing the test button (which is the whole alarm). It should produce a loud tone. If it does, you’re good to go!

These alarms are equipped with a 10-year non-replaceable battery. So, once they’re installed, they’re there for good.

When all is said and done, the nano smoke alarm is a demonstration of what we can do if we commit to making a change. Whether you’re after a sleeker design profile or a more reliable alarm, both goals can be achieved with the smallest member of the CAVIUS family.

The world’s smallest smoke alarms. Safer by design.

In our pursuit of a smaller smoke alarm, we had to be a little better at everything. The result is not just a minimalist alarm – but a safer one.

Ready to embrace a smaller, sleeker, safer way of life? Browse our range of the world’s smallest smoke alarms.