The Importance of Smoke Alarm Maintenance

Just like many of your other household appliances, your smoke alarms require a little care from time to time. The good news is it only takes a couple of minutes, unlike cleaning the oven!

Take care of your smoke alarm and it takes care of you.

How to look after your smoke alarms
Give them a vacuum (using the brush setting) or a wipe. It’s that easy. Ensuring there is no dust, cobwebs etc. covering the alarm is so important and will alleviate false alarms.

How often?
Aim to clean your alarms every 2-3 months. This may need to happen more regularly if they are in places that are extra dusty such as garages or workshops.

Why do we clean our alarms?
Photoelectric alarms work by using an optical light, once that light is scattered the alarm will sound; If smoke can’t enter the chamber because it is blocked the alarm simply won’t be able to detect a fire.


Other important facts you need to know

  • You could encounter false alarms from dust or bugs living inside the smoke alarm chamber if not maintained regularly.
  • Smoke alarms shouldn’t be placed in the kitchen as cooking fats and grease can clog it up (a thermal heat alarm is recommended for these areas instead).
  • Thermal heat alarms need to be cleaned regularly too.
  • Never paint over a smoke or thermal heat alarm as this could interfere with detection.
  • Always aim to place smoke alarms in the middle of the room on the ceiling.
  • In the kitchen, place thermal heat alarms one step back from the oven and on the ceiling.
  • Make sure you have a Fire Escape Plan so you know what to do if a fire happens in your home.
  • If you have a large home, or more than one level, the CAVIUS Wireless range of smoke and thermal heat alarms provide added protection by connecting to one another (when one alarm triggers, they will all sound).


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