The next generation of smoke alarms



The CAVIUS Gateway HUB allows you to control the entire CAVIUS Wireless Family with your smartphone and/or tablet. Through the CAVIUS app, you can easily monitor, set and manage all of your CAVIUS devices and get vital information wherever you are.

You will receive a push notification when an alarm has been activated, if an alarm has a low battery and also a reminder to test your alarms. You can directly test your alarm from your app, removing the need to climb onto a ladder or chair.

Give each device a unique name so you know which alarm has been activated e.g. ‘Jack’s Bedroom’, ‘Alice’s Bedroom’, ‘Living Room’, etc.

You can also add the CAVIUS Wireless Family Window or Door and PIR Motion Sensors to the system. Once a sensor has been activated, your CAVIUS smoke and heat alarms in the house will start to sound (warning off any intruder) and you will receive an alert via the CAVIUS app.

Product Code: 6002 CAVHUB

The CAVIUS Wireless Family range of smoke alarms and home security sensors combined with our Gateway Hub and Smart phone app provide the ideal and affordable home security solution for a rental, holiday home or bach.

Interconnects with your smart phone

Receive push notifications

Core Technology

This product features our latest innovation, CORE technology for precise signal processing.


INTERNET CONNECTION: The HUB is connected to the router through a RJ45 Ethernet cable (supplied)


• Choose a name of the hub (e.g. your house name, address etc.)
• Name your devices (such as living room smoke alarm, entry door or kitchen heat alarm etc.)
• Alarm signal notification through the CAVIUS App
• Test all the connected devices from the App and push message when a device is tested
• Battery fault notification from CAVIUS devices
• Pass on the alarm to your neighbour or relative

INSTALLATION: The HUB comes with a N45 magnet mounted inside, which snaps the HUB onto a metal wall mount bracket

CONNECTS with the entire CAVIUS Wireless Family range

Technical Specifications:

ASSOCIATIONS: Works with Google Assistant

POWER SUPPLY: 110 / 240V AC to USB 5V DC (Supplied)


OPERATING TEMPERATURE: +4ºC to +38ºC (tested from 0 degrees to 55 degrees)

OPERATING HUMIDITY: Up to 90% RH non-condensing