CAVIUS Advantages

Why choose CAVIUS? Because our alarms are superior to other standard designs for more than one reason:


The world’s smallest smoke and heat alarms were designed by a Danish team, who are experienced in developing high quality system smoke alarms to EN54-7 certification.


The CAVIUS alarms use the highest quality components to ensure reliability in performance, stability and the alarm will be 100% operational during their lifetime of 10 years.


To maintain a high quality performance; CAVIUS invest additional cost in the manufacturing of optical component, amplifiers for the photodiode and a micro controller to carry out signal processing.


The performance of the smoke sensor includes a wide smoke entry in all orientations around the alarm. It also includes strong resistance to false alarms due to point sources of contamination, insects, and humidity.

CAVIUS smoke alarms are certified for recreational vehicles where the exposure to different humidity and change in temperature is greater.


The software in the CAVIUS smoke alarm includes a fire detection algorithm with features similar to that found in expensive analogue detection systems.

The software also includes a calibration routine, which stores a gain factor in flash memory. This is more accurate than the variable resistor set by hand on most other alarms, and much more reliable long term. The software also includes features for self-test, hush mode after alarm, and battery test.


During the manufacturing stage, 100% of all CAVIUS alarms are tested in a smoke tunnel to ensure the right calibration and every single piece is checked in an echoic room for sound output test. Samples from each production week are sent to an accredited lab and an external audit company will inspect and test the alarms before shipping them to the retailer. Our factory is audited several times per year  from NF, VdS, and ISO.